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Troubleshooting A Problem

Hi, my name is Collin from Tucson, AZ. I drive a 1988 Ford Ranger XLT. I’ve been having a problem recently, and I’m trying to pinpoint exactly what it is. My truck has a problem with breaking down. I’ll describe what happens.

The temperature gauge goes up about halfway, then my RPM ticks for a second, and then I slowly putput down to a dead stop. After that I can’t start it for about an hour or so. It only happens during the day and after about 5 or 6 miles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Got an extra sparkplug? The next time the engine stalls, pull one of the sparkplug wires off a plug and plug the extra sparkplug in. Lay this on the engine block and try starting the engine. If there’s no spark at the sparkplug, the first thing I’d check for is bad ignition module.


I recently replaced the ignition control module because i saw a post about the 80’s series rangers and crown vic’s having an overheating problem with those. but it still seems to break down. I’ll give that a shot though, thank you for your advice!