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1993 Ford Escort Wgn 1.9L

Vehicle stalls, usually in very hot conditions. If left to cool it starts again and will run for days until it happens again. Replaced fuel filter, coil, wires, plugs.

Carry an extra spark plug in the vehicle. The next time the engine stalls, remove one of the plug wires from the engine and insert the extra spark plug and lay it on the engine. Have someone crank the engine over. There should be a bright blue spark at the tip of the spark plug. If the spark is more of a yellow color or nonexistant, then the ignition module is suspect.


I had an '87 Escort that ate ignition modules like they were Hershey Kisses. Mine was a stick, and the telltale sign was that the engine would cut out and the tachometer would fall to zero very abruptly while the car’s speed was still spinning the engine. I hated that car!

'93 Escort doesn’t have the same type ignition module the '87 had. The '93 had EDIS. Might want to test the crankshaft/camshaft position sensor and sensor plugs on the wiring harness.