Put my girlfriend's license plates on the wrong Nissan

At the shopping center DMV, I parked her white Nissan next to a big new red Ford pickup.
She obtained her plates and went shopping as I went out to the parking lot, removed the old plates and attached the new.

Being a registered tree-hugger and Greenie, I saved the old plates for metal recycle.

Joined her shopping and then drove her home.
Then I noticed dirty plates were STILL ON HER CAR!!

The big red pickup had left and another new red Ford pickup had parked next to another white Nissan.
I had put her new plates on that Nissan.

Called DMV and had to come in and pay for a title search.
Was able to find the owner and telephone the owner and explain what I did.
Drove to their home and put their plates on their car.

(The DMV clerk said it was lucky the plates were not anonymous [something like an unlisted telephone number].
If so, I could not have found the owner.)

lol … funny story. Glad you got it straightened out fairly easily. During my Corolla’s vintage era, it looked like a lot of other cars in they parking lot, and I’d accidentally try to get into the wrong car, or I’d see someone accidentally trying trying to open the door on my car.

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You don’t think the police can’t run a plate number?

Wait, you have a girl friend and a wife? Or a girlfriend? Things get complicated.


Not just anyone can take a license plate number to the DMV and be told the name, address, etc. of the car owner. State laws cover this, and probably vary from state to state. My hunch: every state provides that info upon a bona fide police request.

I understand that but I’m sure the DVM would get the info to them one way or another… You might have to pay for them to mail them a new plate but the info would get to them…

But it would make me a little uneasy if the DMV gave out my number to someone no matter what the reason…

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Colorado is right next to Utah. Maybe he has multiple wives and girlfriends that are wives in waiting. Can’t have too many wives ya know. Well, OK, one is enough for me, but other guys might have other opinions. All ya have to do is sell it to the existing wife.


Ha! You have no idea. One of my wife’s friends was cheating on her boyfriend. When the boyfriend found it it got complicated. When her husband found out about the other 2 guys, it got downright messy!


I often mistake white Nissans for Red Ford trucks.


The red Ford parked next to her car drove away.
A big vehicle parked nexto her little Sentra and we did not see it.

A white Nissan was parked left of another big new red Ford and we thought it hers.
She was going to put purchased items in the car but decided to just have packmule Lobter carry them until done shopping.

I do not understand how ownership can be “anonymous” (I do not have a better word) - unless a company car.
Now not sure if I found the owner’s telephone number and called or showed up at their front door explaining what I did.

I’m hoping this happened years and years ago, if not you might want to quit that green stuff or stop drinking and driving one… :rofl:

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I happen to know the blood type of a wife and the blood type of her husband.
Their baby’s blood type reveals that it could not be his child.
I have never said anything.

Manyears ago. I just cannot remember if I found their telephone number or drove to their address.

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You asked for a “title” search, the vehicle could have been owned by a leasing company. You were looking for the party that registered the vehicle.

Somehow the stolen property was returned to the victim. I don’t want to be seen removing license plates in a store’s parking lot, I do that at home.

Doubthat anyone would think plates are being stolen from vehicles parked in front of the DMV where people are frequently walking out with new plates in clear plastic envelopes.
Others are also putting renewal stickers on their plates.

Why did she need NEW plates? Maybe old plates were damaged from people backing into her.

“Title search” because I did not think of “Registered Owners”. The DMV knew what to do.

Well I’m glad we cleared this up and talking years ago.

We get new plates about every five years. On the off years we just get stickers. Last year I got new plates for the Acura. This year I got for the Pontiac. The clerk put the stickers on straight which with my ocd was happy about.

As far as the baby goes, I would think at some point the person may want to know their actual biological parent. I don’t know how you would even approach that. I have had a number of discussions with the powers in charge on whether sealed adoption papers should be opened. I understand both sides but I witnessed the agony of my college roommate trying to discover his biological parents. He finally found his mother and they established a great relationship. I’m for openness maybe after 20 years or something. At some point everyone just needs to come to grips with decisions made. It doesn’t have to be published in the paper but they should know the truth.

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With my obsession about saving gas, I would suspect that I called to avoid driving a half hour to find no one home.
Still had the tools and put their license plates back on their car and her plates on her car right there.

Unless it is discovered, the married couple will think the child is his and child will think dad is his biological father.

It’s possible for a baby to have a different blood type than the parents. If the parents are A and B, the child could have types A, B, AB, and O. The attached reference shows the possibilities for the child’s blood type based in the parents’s blood types.

If for no other reason, medical reasons/history… No use in having a camera stuck up your butt often at a young age because you thought your Dad had colon cancer and diverticulitis etc at a young age and you are playing it extra safe because of it…

You would have a heart attack driving my Toy then… hahaha

Neighbor has 2022 plates.
They said they hadn’t had time to renew them.