How to protect license plates from being stolen

Security screws?

You can’t prevent it.

Just be wary and report them when stolen… and this isn’t I.D. theft because EVERYbody can see the number whether on your car or another. It doesn’t identify you.

Security screws are commonly available in auto parts stores…Commonly available to you and thieves. Thieves know this and buy the “special” tool so this won’t slow them down when stealing plates.


Never had a problem but I guess you could weld them on. That would stop 'em. One sure way is to have outdated tags. Worse case, I think duplicate plates are around $15. I had one pretty much scrunched up and just wanted one that would look good.

You’ll have to excuse me but we’ve got about 3" of snow already and all outside work has been canceled for a day or two. 2020. Who woulda thunk? Don’t go breaking any mirrors to make it worse.

I am more worried about my catalytic converter getting stolen. Ads on craigslist for buying them. $450 and up

And that’s more likely to happen . . . in my opinion . . . versus having your plates stolen


Easy one.

You’ll need some thick skin but nobody will steal your plates.

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