Mercury power window problems


1989 mercury grand marquis 4 door… The rear window won’t go all the way up. The motor makes noise but no amount of help can get the window to the top. Even pushing the glass manually can’t get it to close. Does anyone know how to tell if the problem is the motor and gears or the window regulator… Also how do you replace either. A detailed procedure or a good manual with pictures and details would be appreciated. I have already removed the panel and the water barrier, but now am at a standstill.


Check with your local library. Some are connected to websites that show repairs (how to).
I’m not sure if Haynes makes repair manuals include that year.

You may have something binding. Are the window tracks straight and clean?

Check all the linkages.

The window motor opens the window all the way, but when closing stops before the closed position, correct?


What you need to do first is , raise the window so that the bolts that hold the window glass to the regulator align with the holes in the door. Remove these bolts and then remove the window glass. Now unplug the window motor. Now remove the hardware that attaches the window motor/regulator to the door. Remove the window motor/regulator out through the opening. Now you can see what’s preventing the window from operating correctly.