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My 97 blazer's first start of the day is a hard start

my 97 chevy blazer has a lot of cranking first start in the day. I changed the rotor and distributor cap but I don’t smell any fuel then all fo asudden it will start. I am wondering is it a fuel relay problem, a fuel filter, or some sort of sensor. when it does start it is very smooth running no shaking or hesitation full of power for the rest of the day starts and stops erands.has anyone gone through this yet it might be something easy. is it worth buying a plug in code gadget and will this problem show up as a code.

You’ve got the Vortec engine, with the plastic upper intake manifold, right? These use a “poppet nozzle” fuel injection–six injectors located inside the manifold where you can’t see them. Your description is typical of a failing fuel pump or a leaky injector assembly. You need to test the fuel pressure when the problem is happening. I think the service specification for your fuel pump is 55-61 psi. It’s been my experience that those injectors need 60psi to first open, once running they’ll work with as little as 45psi. If on your first start you have less than 60psi, you likely have a failing fuel pump.

You might try turning the key to the run position and counting to 5, then turn to off and count to 10, then turn to run again and count to 5, then crank the engine. That often gives the fuel pump time to fully prime the fuel rail without running the starter. Post your result if you try it.

Thanks for your input on trying the wait and see if fuel gets enough for start. Thinking about the psi and procedures to replace fuel pump sounds like a project I cannot tackle.

If you’re not comfortable tackling this yourself, take the Blazer to the Chevy dealer.
The CSFI system was in use for several years, there were a few updates and they will have access to the latest information, diagnostic procedures and the latest parts.
And their parts and labor may have a one year warranty.
Don’t let them tell you they’ve never run into this problem. It’s fairly well known.