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Blazer will fire but won't run

My wife has a 98 S10 blazer. It recently got very hard to start. it has to be cranked several times before it would fire and run. Monday it refused to fire. I replaced the starter siloniod and the fuel filter. Now it will fire, after cranking it several times but it will not run. I have no clue what is wrong and i can’t take it to someone to work on it, as i have no way to get it to them!

A check of the fuel pressure would be a good start to looking for the problem.

How do I do that? It started fine the day after i poosted this, but now it is having trouble starting agian. once it startes it runs fine, but getting it started is the trick. sometimes i have to crank it 10 to 15 times before it will start and run.

Try turning the key and waiting, maybe the fuel pump needs time to pressurize the line - if there is a loss of seal keeping it that way. If you turn the key to on and listen, do you hear the pump running? Have someone outside listen, too

You need a fuel pressure gauge to check the pressure. Fuel injections systems are very picky about the pressure. You can pick up a basic gauge for $40 or so.

You can also turn the key to run without cranking and then back off - back on - back off…about 5-10 times. Then crank it. If that gets it going then you’re probably looking at a bad check valve at the fuel pump + maybe a weak pump. Either way, if this works then a new pump is in your future.

If you don’t hear the pump energize at all (brief hum when you turn the key to run) then you need to start going through the relays/fuses/wiring.

Have you checked for a good strong spark?

Does it do any better if you mess with the gas pedal? (Either floor it or hold it open some as it fires)

I tried the key-turn trick for several days, no help. However, sometimes i can mess with the pedal and it will fire right up.