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Blazer won't start

We started having some problems with my wife’s blazer. it was really hard to start, if we cranked it for a few min and played with the gas most of the time it would start. Now it won’t. It has been in the shop for almost 2 weeks and they still can’t find the problem. he has checked the fuel pressure 3 times and had it on the computer several times. The computer says there is nothing wrong, but it still won’t start, and the fuel pressure is fine. Any have any ideas please? we HAVE to have this car fixed, we cannot afford to drive me all the time!

Did he tell you what the fuel pressure readings are?

What year is this Blazer?

Get the truck to another shop.

What year model is the Blazer?

It is a 98, has less than 130K on it. No he didn’t tell me, but then agian, I didn’t ask.

I can’t get it to another shop, can’t afford to tow it. Plus he has another blazer sitting there that runs that he is taking parts off of and putting them on ours, and still can’t figure it out.

Are you getting a consistent spark at all plug wires? Is the spark at #1 plug close to the correct timing mark? Will the engine catch and run for a short time on a shot of starting fluid in the throttle body?

I have found one problem with the 4.3 liter engine is the igniter. It can fail intermittant i.e. sometimes it works perfectly but other times the spark is missing completely or triggering at the wrong reference point.

Hope this helps.

I would probe him to see what he knows, like what fuel pressure reading is he getting, do you have spark, any codes in history? There are lots of other possiblity’s, but this will get you started.

If he primes it it will fire up no problem. When we had it at home it would catch/fire then die instantly. Once it get warms it will fire up no problem, but if it cools down/off it will not start back with out priming it.

Sure sounds like low fuel pressure. Pretty common for these engines to have 55 psi and not start. They need atleast 60 psi or starting problems will happen. Again one of many possibility’s.

I’m with Bart on this one. What is the fuel pressure? KOEO should be 60n to 66 psi. If it dont have that it wont start.

I wish I could be more helpful regarding your issue, and remembering the different years of the 4.3 are difficult for me right now. Does the intake read vortec upon it. There is a, well for lack of better words a spider web network that runs through that plenum, over a period of time and mileage the stems inside become clogged, collapsed or just free flow and that can cause a starting and drivability issue. Its expensive to fix as well, good luck.

Yes it is a vortec.

I think Repotimfl may be on to the trouble you are having. You might want to show that info to the shop you have it at. It sounds like they need help.

If i spray starter fluid in it and prime it will start and run like a brand new one. But it will NOT start from a cold start. One it runs for about 30 sec, i can turn it off and it will start right back.

This sounds like a bad fuel pump relay. I believe there is a redundant fuel pump switch in the oil pressure sender and when the engine is ‘primed’ it allows the engine to pick up enough oil pressure to turn on the fuel pump which should have been primed up and then turned on while being cranked.

WOuldn’t that show up thow when he put the computer on it? You can hear the pump kick on as soon as the key is turned.

Is there adequate fuel pressure within seconds of turning the key to the ON position?

Yes, as soon as the key is turned the pump kicks on and when it kicks off the fuel pressure is about 60psi.