Car cranking problems

I have starting issues at times. It’s really hard to explain exactly what it is but I’m going to try my best. In the mornings, my very first time starting the car for the day is perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever. Afterwards though is where the problems start. Say I’m off to my first destination, walmart for example, after Im done and I go to start it has trouble starting. It seems that moment right before the engine starts. I’ll turn the key and it’ll crank but the engine will turn over kinda like a sputter start. Sometimes I have to turn the key and it’ll crank for a few seconds then turnover but again really weak. To me it almost feels like it’s not getting enough fuel for a healthy start. I really don’t think it’s the starter because otherwise it wouldn’t start right? Maybe like a clogged fuel line or something but why does it start perfect first thing in the morning?? Just try to picture it, I turn the key, it cranks and that specific moment when it turns over and the engine starts is my problem. The weak, spuddering start. Sometimes the engine won’t have enough oomph to start so I have to try again… Now here’s the other thing, the warmer it is outside the worse it gets, I have a feeling by the time summer hits it won’t start at all. In the winter at least everything would cool down fast enough and for some reason the colder it is the better the start… Sorry for the long ramble but hopefully I explained in detail my issue… Thanks and please help

I am not sure if your GM has a fuel pressure regulator, on the spider would be a vacuum hose, if you pull it and it smells like gas BINGO! Year and engine could lead to better responses.

I’ll have to to see tomorrow when it’s light. I don’t know anything about cars so I’m going to have to Google the vaccum hose on that. But what does that tell me? Loose connection if I smell gas?

No it tells you you have a fuel bad pressure regulator. More info about last tune up, gas and air filter would be helpful also.

OK I’m about to go see if I can find it… Info on tune up and filters?? Well I got a new air filter 4 months ago… That’s about it. I had the car for a year and a half and never got a tune up but I did get a brand new spider system 4 months ago also.

What year is this Blazer?

The problem sounds like vapor lock.

When you shut the hot engine off, the residual fuel pressure is suppose to prevent the fuel from boiling.

If the anti drain-back valve on the fuel pump is bad, it allows the fuel pressure to drop to zero PSI as soon as the engine is shut off, and you get vapor lock.

Have the residual fuel pressure tested.


Have you pressed the accelerator down while cranking? If not try cranking with the pedal 1/2 way down. But don’t press the pedal fully to the floor to crank because that shuts off the injectors.