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My 2010 Mazda3 makes a funny noise when I step on the clutch pedal

The noise sounds a little like a baby Road Runner, a soft little “meep” sound. I usually notice it after the car has warmed up, when I come and go from a stop sign. I have no idea if anybody outside my car can hear it. In lieu of strapping somebody to the hood with duct tape, I’ve been trying to think of a tunnel that I could drive through fairly slowly with the window down while I attempt to replicate the sound. Meanwhile, I’d hate to bring the car to the dealer without a better idea of what could be the problem. Any ideas out there?

I had pickup that did this too. Until I squirted a drop of lube on the pedal lever joint.

One way to find the source might be to recruit a friend, and then have him/her push the clutch pedal in & out while you hold your head under the hood.

I’d speculate that it was the throwout bearing, but without at least the mileage I’ll just suggest the really easy stuff.

Is the car already out of warranty?

I concur w/Mt. Bike – since it is a fairly new car – there’s a pretty good chance this is just something in the clutch linkage that needs a little lube. Check to see if it makes this noise when the car is sitting in the driveway with the engine off. If so, a helper can help you figure out where it is coming from.