2017 Mazda Mazda3 - Clutch

my clutch started to vibrate after 4 months i bought the car and has a horrible noise when i which off ignition, please how to help this matter

Is this your first manual transmission?

If it is, you probably need a new clutch.
If it’s not, you still may need a new clutch.


How many miles are on the car? Clutches do wear out. I doubt the clutch and the noise when you shut it off have the same cause. You’re probably looking at two separate problems.


Another idea, since a clutch wouldn’t usually be worn out in just 2 years, the clutch surface may be contaminated with oil from a leaking rear crankshaft seal. Oil on the clutch surface can definitely cause it to slip and catch; i.e. a vibration. Normally that seal wouldn’t leak in just 2 years either, but maybe the shut-off noise is related to why that seal failed. The first step is to take the car to a shop and ask them to make sure your clutch is properly adjusted.