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Mazda3 transmission question

I have a 2006 Mazda3 hatchback with just over 107k miles on it. Recently, when I shift gears, I hear a gentle “grrdddh” sort of noise as I take my foot off the clutch and press the gas. It’s not a clashing of gears, but it’s still a pretty new noise. I’m worried this could mean trouble for my transmission or clutch. Does anyone have any idea if this is something that warrants going in to see a mechanic? I recently got my thermostat changed and the mechanic didn’t mention any problem with the clutch or transmission (he drove it and did a general check).

It’s probably a sign of a clutch wearing out. Not all that unusual for 107K miles. If the clutch is not slipping, you’ve got a little bit of time to shop around for a good deal on getting it replaced.

The clutch is actually doing pretty good and it’s changing gears smoothly, but just making that noise sometimes. Is there anything else you can think of?

It will do this until the slipping starts. I’ve had manual transmission cars for 25 years. The sound you hear is a very small bit of clutch chatter due to the wear surfaces of the clutch worn down and the machined surfaces of the flywheel and pressure plate with small burn spots (bluing). It will get noticeably worse, then begin to slip. The only cure is a clutch job.

In your opinion, how long it could go before I have to completely replace it?
Thanks for you time!

Depends on how you drive, and how far gone it is. We can’t make any kind of safe bet through the Internet.

If you wait until it’s completely gone, then you’re also looking at getting the flywheel machined. If you handle it now, you may (notice, I said may) save that expense.