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2013 Toyota Pickup - Scratchy cat

My Toyota’s clutch pedal is beginning to sound kinda like a cat being drug across a chalk board once its driven a few miles. Tried lubing inside spring assembly with no effect. Any ideas how to calm the Cat into submission?

There is nothing to lube anywhere around the clutch, and any thing that you lubed likely got on the clutch and pressure plate.

The noise is likely the release bearing. You will need a new clutch.
where ever you take this for a new clutch, tell them about any lube that you did put on and where.
All lube must be cleaned off to keep from contaminating the new parts.


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Oiling the clutch pedal area won’t affect the clutch itself. Maybe the noise is not at the pedal. Does the noise occur only when you are pressing or releasing the clutch pedal?

Only happens when pushing and releasing the clutch. Siliconed the pedal spring and assembly with no affect. The clutch seems to be working just fine the noise seems to be from inside the cabin.

If it makes this noise with the engine off, probably something to do w/the clutch pedal itself. Try removing the clutch return spring (which is attached to the pedal). That will make it easy to fiddle with the clutch pedal, and may make it easier to discover what’s causing the noise. I’d expect it is either something rubbing, like the return spring rubbing on something, or more likely the bushing that the pedal ass’y rotates on needs some lube.

Asking a helper to listen from the engine compartment while you listen from the clutch pedal area might provide a clue too.

Yes. And It seems as though its coming from the clutch pedal assembly. Only Siliconed the spring and hinges. The clutch itself is working fine.

I guess it is the release bearing. Does it sound like crickets at all?

The clutch will work fine in this situation until it doesn’t! The bearing is warning you of imminent failure which can happen suddenly.

No, well maybe a giant mutant cricket. it really does sound like it’s in the pedal assembly but I know sound does some strange things in a vehicle. Does release bearing happen intermittingly? Some days there is no noise at all. There is always no noise at all once the pedal is fully engaged.

Does it do it more on cold days? It may not be the release bearing failing but it will be scraping against the pressure plate during the initial stages of engagement, then once it is spinning at the same speed around the input shaft, all will be well. I had one do this right after I changed the clutch. I guess there was some roughness on the surface that had to wear off and then it was fine.

The reason I ask if it does it on cold days is because there is a grease inside that bearing and it is thicker when cold. That makes it harder for the bearing to rotate and the noise will be more likely. This isn’t a big deal but you might be looking at a bearing that is getting worn out as another possibility so keep an eye out. Yes, they will sound like an overgrown cricket when they are getting ready to go.

No it generally doesn’t make a sound until the engine and drive train are warmed up. Yesterday I happened to be out driving during a good rain and it quit making a sound.?

I am still guessing your release bearing is going out. You might have someone who knows more than you do about cars and is local check into this. The noise will just keep getting worse if this is the problem because failing bearings basically eat themselves once they start to wear out.

The release bearing is a cheap part but very labor intensive to replace as the engine and transmission must be separated. I would replace anything related to the clutch at the same time because the same amount of labor is required and it will only be extra parts and a tiny extra bit of labor to do the whole job.

Some Ford Ranger pick-ups have a problem with squeaky clutch slave cylinders according to Ford tsb 09-25-6 . You might google that number to see what it says and how Ford recommends to de-squeak their clutch. Might provide a clue to your Toyota’s problem.

Thanks Ill try that. It does seem to be coming from that general area and definitely is associated with the slave cylinder extending and releasing.

Thanks. The truck has right at 60,000 miles so it would be a bit early I think for a major clutch over hall but a tow bill would probably cover about half of a new clutch and assembly. I will definitely keep it in mind.

Does it make the noise when you are holding the clutch down? Or only when you’re pushing in in and letting it out?

Only when the clutch is pushed and released. No noise at all when fully depressed.

Look on the transmission/clutch where the motion of the clutch pedal is translated into motion of a lever. The squeak may be at that lever, or just inside the casing where the lever pivots, transferring its action to the throwout bearing. There may be a rubber boot to loosen from the casing. I have found squeaks at one or both places on an old Chevy Cavalier and a Honda Civic. The solution was to spray TriFlow at the pivot points, being careful not to overdo it inside the trans casing, where it might hurt the clutch surfaces.

That’s good news - then it’s not the throwout bearing, which would be noisy the whole time. I’ve had a clutch that creaked loudly when pushed and released, caused by a worn pivot for the clutch pedal. This is a hydraulic clutch, correct?

Thanks! I’ll give that a try at the next oil and lube.

Yes and that would make sense from the sound of it. Have had one suggestion to lube that pivot point. Course would have to be careful not to overdue or else. Thanks.