Need help to what the problem is so I bought a Mazda 3 tribute not to long ago and when I hit the gas it makes a noise like “urrrr” can anyone help me figure out what it is…

Post a sound clip if you can.You can post a link to your sound clip or short video on youtube.

Obviously… There’s a trapped cat sleeping under the pedal.

I just uploaded a link so you guys can hear it

Some people here have older operating system. Icloud clips cannot be played on some of them including mine.Post it on Youtube so everyone can give an opinion about your car noise.

My fist guess a heat shield,

Many vehicles have a resonator between the air filter housing and the intake manifold. I think maybe there was one on the car and it was damaged and discarded.

The resonator is visible on this Tribune filter housing and pipe.|Model%3ATribute&hash=item48af138da3:g:u18AAOSwU4FaQ~da

Ask a helper to hold a piece of cardboard or wood and partially obstruct the exhaust pipe, see if that makes any difference to the sound. Easy enough to do & might provide some clues about what’s happening.