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My 2009 camry overdrive button seems not working

i have a 2009 camry. my overdrive shift does not engage. sometime when i push, the display shows and sometimes does not. i feel its a contact problem but i dont have any idea if its the solenoids or some relays somewhere.
the car is consuming excessively on gas. any help wil be very much appreciated

I could be wrong ( about your car ) but on our vehicles the overdrive button is used to keep the transmission from shifting into overdrive. Under normal operation you should not need to even touch the button. The times to turn off overdrive is when you might be a heavy traffic and many changes in speed cause the transmission to hunt excessively. I have never found a need to turn it off.

Is the Check Engine light on?


I would first remove the cover around the shift lever and find the wires to the switch, then check its operation with an ohmmeter or continuity tester.

The 5 and 6 speed Camry transmission shift levers in the U.S. don’t have an over drive off button. What country are you in and which engine does your car have?

I leave in ghana. The engine is 2as fe. There is a 4 beside the D. I see That to be the overdrive but when I shift it doesn’t display on the dash and the rpm also stays the same.
There is no check light too.

4th gear is normal in the city at speeds up to 65 KPH, there is little advantage of using 5th gear in the city. The Camry may not be fuel efficient by your standards. In the U.S. the Camry is rated at 21 MPG city while the Corolla is rated at 27 MPG.

At this point the OP should just start the car and put in drive and leave the shifter alone. They could be causing a problem where there is none.