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RPMs high on Toyota

When I start my '95 Toyota Camry (126K, well-maintained) I can take it out on a 60mph highway in the first five minutes of driving, and the RPMs at 60 mph are over 3K-- if I were in a standard shift, I’d want to go into overdrive… I’ll slow down and stop for the first light, and after that, the RPMs seem to settle down a bit to above 2K at the same speed. Its overdrive is in the on position. Any ideas as to what’s going on?

Throttle cable or throttle plate stuck open. Look at the idle stop on the throttle body. The stop should be contacting the stop screw, at idle.
Examine the cruise control linkage. The cruise control could be holding the throttle plate open.

Disregard the above if your engine rpm problem isn’t occurring at idle. I re-read your post a few more times, and your rpm problem seems to be at 60 mph, right? AT first, the transmission isn’t engaging in over drive (OD) (rpm 3,000); after a stop, and re-accell to 60 mph, the OD is engaging with rpm at 2,000, right?
If you haven’t changed the automatic transmission fluid in 30,000+ miles, it wouldn’t hurt to change it now. The problem may be entirely electronic.

Thanks! I’ll look into that!

I’m not sure if this applies to your Toyota, but in some cars, overdrive is locked out until the transmission warms up a bit.

Be sure your transmission fluid is full, in good condition, and of the proper type.

Yes your Camary will lock out overdrive if the engine has not reached full operating temperature according to the engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. If you think the computer is locking out overdrive in error, i.e. the temp gauge indicates normal operating temperature but the tach still reads 3,000 prm, have the CTS checked or replaced it may be sending false data to the computer.

The 3 toyotas I have had did the same thing, the more miles it seems the longer it takes to go to overdrive.
This is talked about on other boards and it common.
Change fluid NOT flush when it is called for and it will be fine