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Overdrive Off

It just started this week that when I hit the button to take it out of overdrive (the Overdrive Off button), it stays in overdrive. Any ideas?

Find a competent, locally owned transmission shop equipped to diagnose modern electronically controlled transmissions. It could be just the switch or its wiring or it could be something more serious. The problem is, the switch is not controlling the transmission directly. There is an electronic control unit between the switch and the transmission…This complicates diagnosing the problem…Usually, it’s a bad connection or a bad switch but not always…

Is it only that the ‘OD OFF’ button isn’t working? If this, perhaps the switch or wiring is faulty.

Does the tranny shift in and out of OD when driven normally?

If you HIT the button often, you may have worn out the button. Most people don’t know it exists and it is probably not rated for frequent use over the life of the car.