2004 Ford Focus - overdrive off light

i will be driving down the road when my over drive off light comes on my dash and my car sounds like it is looking for a higher gear sometimes it quits by its self ot her times if i push the buttom on my gear shift it stops but its becoming a hassle whats wrong?

Is your check engine light on? What you are describing sound like the transmission is shifting down to 3rd gear from overdrive randomly. There is an overdrive button (your owners manual will show you its location - usually the end of the gearshift lever) are you hitting that button accidentally? Or possibly that button is failing and triggering the overdrive off when you hit bumps. either way, I suggest that is where the problem lies.

Overdrive off button on a 2004 focus, I believe, is on the shifter handle.

OP knows where the button is, they want to know WHY the overdrive light keeps coming on.

I noticed after re-reading. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I wanted to point the location out in case OP didn’t know, since a “wonky” button is suspected.

Ask your shop to check for diagnostic codes and the transmission fluid level.