My 1987 Honda Accord is driving me crazy

I have a 1987 Honda Accord DX. It has been a great car. I am the second owner and have driven the car for about a year now. All of the sudden, it has starting cutting off after running for about 8-10 minutes. It will not crank for about ten minutes, then will crank right up and run for about 8-10 minutes (repeat, repeat, repeat…) I have changes bot of the fuel filters, no luck. HELP!!!

You stated “will not CRANK”. Do you mean “will not start”? If it’s a no crank condition it’s electrical. There’s some wire/relay that manages both running power and the starter control (solenoid) circuits.

Sorry, “start” is what I meant. She turns over just fine…

You need to determine if the problem is no spark or no fuel. Go spend a couple of bucks on a spark tester, which is a little gizmo that you install in between a spark plug and a plug wire that lights up if there’s spark getting to that plug.

Next time it dies on you, install it in one of the plug wires and have someone else look or try to position it so you can see it and turn it over. If it lights up, the issue is likely fuel-related and if not, or if the light is dim or uneven, it is likely ignition related. Post back for further troubleshooting.

I would almost bet it’s your Main Relay. It contols the fuel pump (has fuel pump relay in it) I also believe it may control your ignition. My sons 92 Accord had simular problems and he has’nt had any problems in 4 years with it since we changed it. We did just changed out the coil on it a few days ago tho but it had a total diffrent symtons than what you are describing. It has over 250,000 miles on it.

I have good fuel. I bought the spark tester as you suggested. When the car dies, I do not have any spark on the coil wire. Looking at the Haynes manual, they suggest testing the “radio condenser” on the side of the coil. “The car will not run if it is not functioning properly…” - Haynes Manual

The reason I mention this, about a week ago, my radio started “buzzing” in time
with the RPMs.

Where in the world can I get this thing tested, no one really repairs TVs anymore.

What do you think?

Most likely the ignition module, sometimes called the “ignighter”…Sometimes located inside the distributor, sometimes outside…The primary wire from the coil will lead to it…

I show there to have been '87 Accords with points and condensors

You priobably just need a good old fashioned tuneup, complete with the plugs, wires, points, distributor cap, rotor, and condensor. The “condensor” is actually a capacitor that prevents material transfer in the points. Once you do this, the radio interference should disappear too.

NOTE: you’ll need some specialized tools for this. A repair manual, a dwell/tachometer, and a timing light. Read through the procedure before you start and be sure you’re comfortable with it.

No cars, not even Hondas, used points and condensers in 1987…(At least not models sold in the United States)…

That would have been my assumption until I went looking. Did you visit the link I posted?

I don’t think there were any Points and Condensers for this vehicle sold in the US. Might have been in other countries…but no the US.

Are there any codes?? This car has a computer located under the drivers seat. There’s a little door/window you look at with a light. If it’s blinking then there’s a problem. Count the number of blinks to determine what the code is.

I looked in the little “window.” No light appears to be blinking. I am not so sure that this one even has a light. If it does, I can’t find it. I looked with the switch both on and off. As an update, I have replaced the coil and the “main relay” located behind the fuse box under the dashboard. I am not getting a spark at all from the coil.

Here is a link that shows the “radio condenser” that I mentioned.|004&catcgry1=ACCORD&catcgry2=1987&catcgry3=3DR+DX&catcgry4=KA4AT&catcgry5=IGNITION+COIL-BATTERY&vinsrch=no&ListAll=&prdrefno=&act=&count=2&quantity=0