Honda engine cutout



I have a 1995 Honda Accord. Until yesterday I have never had a problem with it, however…I was drving down the road at about 65 and the engine just quit. I pulled to the side of the road and it started up again and then, about ten minutes later it just quit again. I again pulled over, decided to let it rest for a while and go home instead of continue on (I didn’t want to die on the freeway). It took about an hour to get home and I had no problems. I can’t seem to find anything wrong with it, and neither could my local mechanic. I really don’t want to drive it back from Wisconsin to North Dakota in another month without getting the problem resolved. Does anyone have any information on this?


could be fuel (pump, filter, injectors) or electrical (ignitor, coil, plugs, plug wires) or timing (distributor, ECU). Where in WI are you? I might know someone who can help you out if you’re in the right place.


Possibly your gas tank vent is clogged and after awhile at high speeds the fuel pump can’t overcome the vacuum.


If it was sputtering before it quit then it’s probably a fuel related issue; either the pump, the main relay, or both.

If it quits instantly with no sputter, then I would suspect the secondary ignition (coil, distributor, module, etc.) or possibly the electrical part of the ignition switch.


I am on Washington Island, WI. The closest town is Sturgeon Bay/Green Bay. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


I have had engine dying problem on both 92 and 86 Accords. Replace the fuel pump relay ($60). Plugs in near flasher unit next to the fuse block on those years. Problem has been written up with Honda relays (and dash clock) with the soldering of the circuit boards. I was able to resolder the 86 clock and its still “ticking” at 330+K miles. Resolder of the lans on the 86 fuel pump relay lasted about 9 months. Suspect the interior heat in summer when the windows are closed all day and / or the circuit running hotter than the solder could handle without going cold.


I believe they also call this the main ignition relay. I also think this is the problem.


Several years ago, I had problems with my '89 Honda Accord LX-I stalling right after starting. I could always get it to start again. Once when driving on the freeway, it stalled. I had no dash lights, no turn signals. My wife could not power the window down to signal a lane changed. I pulled the vehicle off to the shoulder and restarted the car.

I traced the problem to the electrical switch part of the ignition. The contacts were burnt.

It sounds like a similiar problem. Otherwise, I would suggest the main relay.

Good luck!

Captain Jack