Driving while shooting!

‘A man died after deputies say he shot himself accidentally while driving Wednesday night in Southwest Albuquerque.’
‘around 8:30 p.m. the man and a woman were traveling south on Coors, near Dennis Chavez, when the man shot himself in the thigh.’

That’s the whole story; I included the link for reference only.

Wonder if he took out the Femoral artery? Guess that will come out later in the ME’s report.

About 20 or so years ago an older gentleman here went out bird hunting with his dog. He leaned his 12 gauge against the wire/fence post and while climbing through the wire his dog knocked the shotgun over; causing it to discharge and kill the guy instantly. Murphy’s Law always present…

Can I say …Darwin was right…?

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Maybe the dog did it on purpose.

And we can assume that the man felt immensely more secure while traveling with a loaded pistol… right up until his stupidity caught up with him.

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I live in one of the safest towns in one of the safest states in this country…and I know people who don’t feel safe unless they have their concealed weapon on them. They purposely don’t drive into MA (which is less then 1 mile away) because of the strict gun laws.

I’m not against people owning guns…but if you can’t feel safe here without a gun…then you just might be too scared to own one.


Traveling with an unloaded pistol is just a waste of time. A threat doesn’t wait for you load-up.

New Mexico, like quite a few other states, allows guns to be carried in your car without a concealed carry permit. Florida, Georgia and Alabama are 3 others. Your car is like your home so a loaded gun in an unlocked glovebox is fine. Open carry in public is OK, too.

Safety, like any other dangerous tool, is incumbent on the operator. Guns just don’t spontaneously discharge, the trigger must be pulled. The dimwit must have put his finger in the trigger guard and must have been diddling with it while he drove… not smart. At least he did not hurt anyone else.

I’ve carried most of the time for 40 years with no problems; both in a car and on a motorcycle. Safety first. I figured it was better to have and not need than to need and not have.
Only one time was it needed and thankfully (and fortunately for the blissfully unaware other party) he decided to back off. He had no idea what was pointed his way… :wink:

I don’t fault anyone for reasonable efforts to protect themselves but these days it’s trendy to pack whichever firearm is at the top of the charts. And I was corrected(?) by CC permit holder when I posted that all weapons have safeties and he replied that there was none on his pistol. I left him alone to enjoy his bliss.

For myself, I grew up hunting, spent 2 years in the Marine Corps and occasionally over the years carried a pistol (loaded) with me and thankfully never needed to use it. But over all the years I have never accidentally (?) had a firearm discharge on me.

I do disagree with the political rush to see which state can sink the lowest in their efforts to turn their streets into 3 world shooting galleries. Didn’t Judge Roy Bean outlaw guns on the street 140 years ago?


I have no problem with guns and ownership…hell I live in NH. We have one of the most relaxed laws in the country. I do however think guns should be registered just like your car is. And ALL sales should have a background check. And if you don’t want a background check for any gun you sell…fine…but then you should then be liable if the gun you sold is used in a crime.

Gun Control Solved in 3 Minutes - Steve Hofstetter - YouTube


Lots of people are driving around all day with loaded hand guns at their sides. They are called Police and it is rare they end up shooting themselves. On the other hand there have been three little kids killed by stray 9mm gun fire in the past week or so-hit in their car and yard. The people doing the shooting have no regard for law, weapons training, or consequences of their actions.

Some years ago Minnesota passed a “shall issue” law for concealed carry at the howls of many. The law requires classroom training and evaluation by the local Sheriff but they have to have a legit reason to deny. I think there has been one or maybe two incidents by a person with a CCP. It’s always been interesting to me that the ones most against others having a hand gun are the ones that have one themselves, like Police. At any rate it has been a successful program but the legislator most responsible was the mother of one of my scouts and paid a heavy price for her failure to conform.

I’ve been around guns all my life and have been trained in gun safety as well as have a respect for the safety of others. I don’t own a hand gun and rarely felt the need for one except for wild creatures in the woods. I have however, thrown the shot gun in the trunk once in a while depending on the area of the state I would be in or traveling through. Like the kid in the cartoon said “my pencil made me fail my math test”.

Phallic compensation.

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Many people carry guns and have them in cars.

While working on vehicles I find hand guns in glove boxes, center consoles and under the seat. Some vehicle owners are very careless to leave a hand gun in a vehicle that is left at the service department for a day or more. The vehicle will be driven by 5 or more people; service drive attendant, technician and car wash attendants.

Most of my coworkers have been there for years and are trustworthy, the car wash however has a high turn around. If the gun was missing after service how long would it take for the customer to notice? A car wash attendant would be foolish to take the gun, just take the registration slip from the glove box, give it to a friend and tell them to go break this window in two weeks.

There is a generous supply of hand guns for criminals, another gun law won’t solve this problem.


I have never seen an argument that explains how registering firearms prevents the criminal use of that firearm. Nor is registration as useful in the solving of a crimes as TV police shows would make it seem.

While I support background checks, nearly all of the most heinous of mass shootings over the last couple of decades were committed with legally purchased weapons.

If the current solutions touted for gun control worked, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland and DC would be the safest cities in American. Sadly, they aren’t.

And to expand on @Nevada_545 's point… because you can carry a pistol in cars in Florida, a lot get stolen because the owners don’t secure them at service centers, car washes and, the worst, they don’t lock their cars at night sitting in the driveways of their gated communities. :roll_eyes:


My brother transferred some of his guns to me. Since they were being shipped, I still had to have a background check. Had I driven there, he could have just handed them to me.

There’s still a high percentage of mass shootings with illegally obtained guns…over 16%.

Problem is many of the gun laws do NOT prevent someone with questionable mental health from getting a gun. In fact most states have zero laws against it.

And a large majority of gun violence involved alcohol. I think there should be laws on alcohol and possession of a gun. CWD - Drunk While Carrying-Gun. If you’re too drunk to drive then you’re too drunk to be in possession of a weapon…PERIOD.

One reason might be that if the general population can carry hand guns in their cars, then the police must assume that anyone they stop has a hand gun. Maybe they do that anyway. If they make that assumption, then the police would almost certainly have their weapon drawn just in case. It seems like that would lead to more accidental police shootings.

It’s not that simple. Gun dealers aren’t always required to do background checks, and when they are required, the dealers don’t always do them. The ATF rarely penalizes the dealers, especial the very small ones, because the ATF doesn’t want to put these kitchen table dealers out of business. The dealers know this and do whatever they want. This means that criminals can buy weapons, Especially criminal organizations. Who supplies the Central American and Mexican drug cartels with weapons? We do, through these unrecorded transactions. There is a recent USA Today article in this, and a few months ago, Viceland had a documentary about it. I wasn’t sure whether to believe the documentary and checked out the journalist. She’s legit and has been a journalist for major news organizations in the past. If we would just enforce the existing laws, maybe things would get better.

Pretty much already exists…CCW holder or not. A crime is committed if you brandish the weapon in a threatening manner even if you don’t fire it so… already covered.

That is absolutely incorrect. EVERY sale requires a check. Every transfer that occurs through the dealer requires a check. To not do so is a federal felony and a revocation of the dealer’s license.

Below is a link to what the BATF is actually doing under project Guardian started in 2019. I’d believe the BATF rather than any media reporting on this issue.


ONLY a private sale between individuals is exempt from a background check and ONLY in those states that have not passed a law to require that check between private sales.

Absolutely agree with that!

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My semi literate solution to the gun problem begins with law enforcement at every level seizing any firearm that is found incidental to any a crime or misdemeanor and if the weapon is not properly document it should be torched.

And individuals with dozens of assault rifles, faux or authentic, and thousands of rounds of ammunition seem to be in need of psychological/mental care.

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