Mustang Gt-R?



A fried of mine has a 2002 Ford Mustang. It says it is a Gt-R. I cannot find anything about one for that year. Did they make one that year? If so how much hp does it have?


As far as I know there was no Mustang GT-R in 2002. At that time the GT-R was a concept car that was introduced in 2005 and put out about 440 HP.

One thing that has happened, on too many occassions it seems, is that some Mustangs have had those cheesey GT-R badges plastered on and the car passed off as something that never existed.
These badges can be gotten from AutoZone, Pep Boys, etc. I’ve seen probably half a dozen 80s and 90s era Mustangs that were badged as GT-Rs.

Badges look something like this?


Yes, it does.


Those badges are not made by Ford and if your friend bought the car used, I hope he did not pay a premium price for a non-existent model. :frowning:


that GT-R badge looks as though it was meant for the Nissan Skyline, a Japan-only car.


I think you’re absolutely correct.

If Ford ever attempted to use that badge or phrase Nissan would be all over them for infringement so Nissan probably gets a licensing fee for allowing those badges to be peddled.
When Ford introduced the GT a few years ago it was going to originally be called the GT-40 until the legal owners of the GT-40 name wanted 20 million bucks up front to allow FOMOCO to use it. Ford balked and therefore; GT only.


I checked it out. THere was none for that year. He paid a Mustang Gt price. He did not pay a whole lot for it another words. I did see a brand new Mustang with what looked like Gt-R on it. I think it was a concept car for 04.