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What do you think of the new Nissan GT-R?

Not like I’ll be buying one anytime soon (call me Ruben!), just curious what people think of this new car.

It’s an interesting car, some say it will become a “Porsche 911 killer”. I don’t think so, the Porsche nameplate has too much heritage and mystique associated with it… even if the Nissan does outperform some of the Porsches. (They say that Nissan used the Porsche 911 as the benchmark for the GT-R.)

Here’s the official site for those who are interested:

I just came from reading an article in Road & Track about the new GT-R vs. the Corvette and the 911 Turbo. While some of the stats were pretty close, in a track test that they put the three through, the GT-R beat the both of them by better than 2 seconds. I don’t think it will kill Porsche for reasons that you stated, but I do think they have some competition now. The 911 was the benchmark for it and they reached it. Porsche will continue to live, but my hat’s off to Nissan for putting a lot of time and research into building a car truly worthy of the GT-R name.