Engine Rattling

I have a 1995 Ford Mustang GT. I’ve had it for 4 years now, and the engine rattles mostly when the RPMs are between 1500 and 2000, just after pressing the gas. Sometimes it does it when the RPMs are higher, around 2500, and sometimes it does it regardless of RPM after I’ve been driving it for a long duration. It’s done this since I bought it, so it’s not a pressing issue, but I’d still like to get it fixed. Any suggestions on what it might be and how I can fix it, preferrably on my own, would be helpful.

Please Tell Which Engine Is In This 95 Ford Mustang Gt.


The only engine available on the 95 Mustang GT was the 302 H.O.


Does it make this noise if you race the engine while in neutral?
Does this happen when you are accelerating or climbing a hill?

What octane gas does this engine require? Are you using that octane?

Is the engine up to date with maintenance items such as spark plug replacement?

Has a mechanic ever checked your EGR valve, to be sure that it is operating properly?

Does the temperature gauge indicate that the engine is running “hot”?

Since none of us can hear the noise, my two prime suspects would be either that the engine is “pinging” under acceleration/load, or that you have a loose or damaged heat shield.

A loose or damaged heat shield is merely annoying.
If your engine has been pinging for 4 years, you may have caused significant damage to the valves by this time.

I would have thought the exhaust system heat shields would have been mentioned by now. These will rattle on other cars, I have no idea if the Mustang is prone to this problem. Catalytic converters will also rattle. Get you car up and get under it and hit the eahaust with a rubber mallet,this usually finds a rattling exhaust.Perhaps you are hearing engine ping, I can no longer hear these frequencies due to noise induced hearing loss. My hearing damage was entirely from work related events,not possible it was from all that loud music:). Really I think it was all the air tools used in the shop, but my ex-brother in law popped off a 30-30 right next to my right ear and it was probably 12 hrs before I could hear anything pleasant from that ear.

A stretched timing chain can make this noise at any time.


Sounds like a pre-ignition rattle and possibly due to an EGR fault or incorrect ignition timing and this could be a pressing issue.

If the EGR valve and EGR controls are good there’s always the possibility of a leaking EGR plate gasket. (Not that rare a problem)

This is a TFI car and if anyone has dinked around with the ignition module or distributor it’s very easy to put too much advance into the timing. When checking the ignition timing the SPOUT connector MUST be disconnected or the timing will be a mile off.
There’s also the possibility that someone may have bumped the timing up a bit on purpose to gain a little more ooomph out of the engine.
(This is also a common problem.)

It does do it when accelerating uphill, it requires 87 and that’s what I put in it, not sure when the spark plugs were replaced last, I’ve never checked my EGR valve, the temperature guage does not indicate running hot, and it’s more of a rattle than a ping. Hope that helps narrow it down, I really appreciate the help. Busy work weeks keep me from taking my car down to a shop for a long period of time, so these comments have been really helpful in narrowing it down. Thanks everybody.

Any engine can rattle (even on 91 octane) if the EGR system is inoperative.
The EGR not only lowers NOX emissions but it also lowers the combustion chamber temperatures so if it’s not working then a rattle can occur with any octane gasoline.

TIming that has too much advance can also cause this and the problem can be exacerbated even more if the EGR has gone belly up.

rattling noise could be from exhaust heat shields, exhaust systems or a worn catalyst converter. it also could be worn motor mounts. when the engine is under load, the torque will cause the engine lift, or twist slightly and cause the cooling fan to scrape the fan shroud. you can check this by inspecting the inside of shroud with the engine OFF!