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Automatic transmission

I have a 1995 Cutlas Supreme that the tranny went out on, 3.1 with a 4t60-e tranny, I took the tanny out of a 1992 olds 88 with a 3.8 also with a 4t60-e tranny and put this tranny into the 1995 cutlas. When I plugged in the electrical and tried the car out, it started out in second gear and shifted into 3rd but did not shift up any further. Tried many different wiring patterns, but nothing worked. I now have it wired where it starts out in 1st and shifts to second. Everything else is fine. Reverse, park, etc. Will this tanny work in this car and if so what is the wiring pattern. Thanks

The control bodies on these two transmissions appear to be quite different. The 95 4T60-E uses a vacuum modulator while the 98 4T60-E uses a pressure control solenoid. There is also TFP (thin film pressure?) switches on the 98 that are not present on the 95. You may need to transplant the 98 PCM to make the newer automatic run correctly. But, you may find that retrofitting the 3.1 1995 engine with the correct sensors opens a new can of worms. It doesn’t look like you can get this transmission to work with the PCM you have in this car.

Hopefully transman618 will reply and give you a more definitive answer on any steps you need to take to get the 1998 4T60-E to work in this car.

Thanks for the reply, the tranny I used was from a 1992 olds 88, you replied I used a 1998 tranny, don’t know if this results in the same results. I put this tranny into an 1995 Olds Supreme. Thanks again for your reply

My Bad. Yes it does look like the 92 and 95 have the same equipment. Sadly, I cannot see any reason that the transmission would not work if connected up correctly. If you can get the wiring diagrams off of Alldata for the 92 and 95 specific vehicles, you should be able to ascertain which outputs of your TCM need to activate which solenoids in the transmission i.e. shift solenoid A, shift solenoid B, PWM solenoid, and CC solenoid. You might check the resistance of the solenoids in each transmission to make sure that they are the same.

Hope this helps more than my previous monologue.