Audio Question for 2014 Camaro

I recently purchased a 2014 Camaro SS2. It came with everything but a CD player. Does anyone know how to add one? thanks

Yeah, go to Crutchfield’s website. If it can be done with the factory audio, these guys will know how.

It might be easier to use your computer to rip your CDs onto an iPod or other MP3 player and play it through the stereo. Most new cars have many connectivity options to do this, and you don’t have the bother of carrying your CDs everywhere and scratching them up in those plastic envelopes. A $40 Sandisc clip MP3 player and a cord with male 1/8" stereo plugs on each end would get you there. A lot of cars even have 1/8" stereo jacks and charging ports inside the armrest for this.


To add to what doubleclutch said, you can fit hundreds of songs on an MP3 player or a USB flash drive or SD card also, compared to maybe 20 on a CD if they’re short. If your stereo offers these input options, I wouldn’t bother with CDs at all.

+1 for @oblivion . I’ve used flash drives for years to listen to music and talk shows. It’s easy, compact and no discs to handle or store.

I wasn’t aware that cars could take flash drives. I rip my CDs at twice the standard rate for somewhat better sound, and I have dozens of entire CDs on my 4 gig MP3 player. A 4 gig flash drive would do the same thing for less than $10.00.

My vote is also to use whatever kind of aux or iPod hookup you have. Aftermarket stereos generally don’t look that nice, so it would be a shame to do that to a car that’s so new.

@doubleclutch…most stereo radio/CD units have a USB port built right in if they are made in the last few years. There is usually a little plastic “flip” door covering the port. Since my HDTV has a built in USB port…I now watch all my movies on flash drives. They are far more stable than DVD’s.

@missileman, neat! I have to check out all the newer features one of these days. My car is a 2007 model, and I wish it had at least an aux. jack, but it doesn’t.

Count me in with everyone else. Flash drive, mp3 player etc. are all more car compatible then CD players. Convert your fav. CDs, make playlists, re order them to suit your tastes, even play with EQ for each individual recording or lengthen, shorten or repeat desired sections of each song. Simple free software will allow you to arrange and “play with” your music like a directer then play it in safety in your car with the original CD saved at home. I will NEVER play another CD in a car. ( I probably will when desperate) You have a 2014 model anything is just about set up to take players and/or flash drives. I would take full advantage of it and to heck with the CD player. CDs realize their full benefit in a home environment where the play back is more accurate do to your managed environment.

There are a plethora of adapters out there to play back mp3 through your existing players. It does get to look like the back of a stereo receiver though managing the wires. But it can be done.

If your Camaro has the touch screen best to check with the dealer first. You do not want to void the warranty on that very expensive item.

Count me out. mp3 files don’t have NEARLY the sound quality of a good CD. And yes, I can tell, it’s why I don’t bother with ipods, or loading music onto my iphone.

It shouldn’t be all that expensive to have a decent CD deck installed.

DrRocket - If you really can tell a sound quality difference, use a different format. Save them as a wav file if you want the best quality - they’ll be as good as the cd was.

tell an audiophile that what they think they hear is wrong usually gets you nowhere.

I am an audiophile. I’ve never sat and did a comparison between CDs and mp3, but I will say that my mp3 files that I rip from my CDs at twice the standard bit rate are pretty good, certainly adequate for listening in the car. And yes, you can do wav. files if it is that big a deal.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I like cd’s so will continue to try and find a stand alone cd player to install. Crutchfield does not have anything at this time. From what the dealership told me the new mylink system must have a digital connection…don’t know what that is but at this time no cd player has that ability.

The Mylink system allows you to connect certain devices via Bluetooth to the audio system in the car or use your phone hands free. There is supposed to be a USB port included according to what I can find from Chevy’s website. They must feel that buyers of these top end models have the latest smart phone with all their music stored on it and don’t need/want a CD player. They still offer CD players on some Camaro’s but not on this trim level.

Just a thought but do you suppose that an external DVD recorder made for those ultra thin laptops might work? They have a USB interface.