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Dull rumble when turning

I’d like to thank everyone who advised me about my errant temp gauge… that problem has been resolved…

New question… sometimes (but not all the time) when I make a sharp turn I can hear a low rumble or knocking sound from below… Is that normal or indication of problems to come… Thanks!!

One of the first things I would do is just take a quick look in the wheel wells just to see if there is something flapping around or loose in there that might be making tire contact when you cut the wheel hard. The splash shields in there can easily come loose and rub or thump against the tire.

But the next thing I would do is have someone inspect the CV joints on the axles. I’m just assuming that this is a front wheel drive since I don’t recall from the earlier posts what kind of vehicle it is. But noise when turning is a classic sign of CV joints on their way out. If the wear is fairly well advanced you should be able to get the sound while sitting still - turn the wheel all the way one way, then the other and listen for popping noise.

Check and see if the CV boot is damaged. It is a rubber boot on the bending part of the axle. If it is you can put money on the boot being bad if you are hearing noise when turning.