Mount siren using existing license plate screw holes? '09 Camry

2009 Camry Hybrid.

Can I drill holes through the existing license plate screw holes into someting solid behind the bumper?

Two bolts would be inserted from behind and protrude 3/4-inch out the front of the bumper.

The license plate holder and license plate would be secured with a nut on each bolt. Then, when needed, the siren speaker bracket would be slid over the bolt ends and attached with wing nuts.

Speaker [< would be above the license plate and unplugged and removed after use. (A support cord would probably be needed to keep the speaker from tilting down.)

Where is the airbag detector?

Any thoughts?

Thank you.


I suggest you read the warranty before you attempt this.

Go to a body shop for some advice. Behind the plastic outer bumper (the painted surface you see) resides a core of plastic foam impact absorbing material, then behind that a metal bumper. To drill through all of it will take one of those very long bits. If the weight of the siren is enough it could deform the plastic parts.

With a siren hanging off the front of the car it is going to look pretty odd and not be pedestrian friendly if you should run into something or someone. Perhaps you need to come up with another option for mounting the siren?

IMHO you’d be better to find a mounting spot on the radiator support framework for the siren.

If you’re determined to mount it on the bumper, stop by the dealer and ask for an “exploded view” drawing of the bumper installation. That’ll give you a good pictoral of how the assembly is constructed and you can go from there.

Yes, it would look ugly and police might not like it above the front license plate.

Mounted only when in use. Otherwise, stowed in the trunk. planning to mount it behind the grill, but that is difficult and wouldiminish sound propogation and likely impede cooling airflow into the radiator.

Your suggestion was the preferred choice.
After someone backed into the front bumper it was removed to be repaired.
The autobody shop agreed to call me whileverything was off and exposed so I could mount the speaker.
They forgot to call until the vehicle was ready.

But better for sound dispersion.
Behind the speaker projector I attached oval LED Stop/Turn/Tail lights, one facing right, the other left, so the speaker also serves as an effective intersection light.