Radiator support bolt head snapped off-please help

2015 Subaru Impreza Sport Limited w/Eyesight

Installed an additional horn behind the grill. When grounding the horn to the frame (or maybe it’s the subframe I’m not 100% sure) right in front of the radiator the head of the bolt snapped off.

Is it safe to drive until the bolt has been replaced? And more importantly, how do I repair this?

I’d use my Dremel to grind a slot in the remainder of the bolt and use a screwdriver to remove it.


I wouldn’t worry about it.


Grounding all horns through that same wire lead? If so, drilling the broken bolt out is what I would do.

Options could be carefully drilling a hole adjacent to the broken bolt and attaching the wire lead with a short self tapping screw after sanding off the paint in that spot.
Another could be extending that wire lead and going over the edge to attach it to the bolt just below it. Or possibly rerouting that wire lead to that bolt below.
Depends upon the amount of wrestling you are comfortable with.

Should be safe to drive.

If it is not leaking, I’d probably just use a different location for the ground and leave it alone though.

Is it common to ground in the radiator? The only time I saw that was for the coolant level sensor in the radiator.

Edit: Guess that must be the frame and not the radiator, so ground anywhere.

Drill and tap it. Install smaller bolt.