Trying to install front plate

On my front bumper there are only 2 square (bottom) holes for the front plate. (Putting it for fun) What would be the best way to put a plate there. To drill a hole through the metal or glue it? If gluing is an option what kind of glue is the best?

Common Ben!

If you’re not going to provide the year of your RAM, at least post an image of what the hell you’re talking about



Any parts store will have the plastic inserts that you push into those square holes then you attach the plate with screws into the screw holes in the plastic insert.

The holes in the front bumper are for the license plate mounting bracket.

Volvo and Nevada thank you guys. I will purchase the bracket.

Yes you go to the dealer and ask for the front license plate kit. Usually they are shipped with the car to states that require a front plate.

PA doesn’t require front plates, but they send them along anyway. Our local dealerships like them so they can put on a cheap plastic plate with the dealership’s name on it for advertising.

OK does not require a front plate but on the 90s era Lincoln Marks a color matched front plate holder was offered as an option. A 275 dollar option 20 odd years ago…

Not required front plate. I am just putting it for fun. Unless it is too expensive. I called some used truck parts companies but none of them got it, as well as passenger seat belt which I need.

I bet a car dealer would give you one free with their logo on it.

Good Idea to ask them about it Barkydog

Not a chance. LOL. They cost over $100 each at dealerships. Not worth it even though I bought a custom plate and frame. I will keep looking at used parts.

Why can’t you just use an attractive bolt , washers and nut to attach to the bumper where the holes are ?

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It is not worth their time to walk the yard looking for a $5 part. If there is a pick-a-part yard in your area you might find a mounting bracket yourself.

What is wrong with the seat belt?

I got the bolts and nuts for it but doesn’t stay straight because there is nothing to it hold top

Nevada_545 They got there used truck parts places but it’s them who get the parts. They make more money that way and people can’t steal parts (they do).

The passenger seat belt won’t come out. I took the seat apart and there is a “button” when you hold it then the belt works but it should be activated when the belt id pulled out. I think it is literally impossible to find a replacement for this model, 1999 ram 1500.

I’m sure there are others, first one that popped up

Quad cab with seat belt retractors in the seat backs?

Those seat belt retractors have a locking solenoid and a control module under the center seat cushion. The wiring for the retractor solenoid runs down the seat back, it exits the seat back on the inboard side, the wiring runs along the inboard seat adjuster rail, that is generally where the wires are damaged. Inspect the wiring to the seat belt, many seat belts have been replaced unnecessarily.