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Attaching a front license plate

I need to attach a new license plate to my front (not plastic) bumper. Having bought the car in a state requiring only back plates, there is no frame or holes to screw the plate on the front bumper. There are 3 little dents in each corner where the plate should go. Does this mean I can use the attachment kit with screws I bought at NAPA? Or do I have to bring the car in?

Most cars came with a front license plate adapter in the trunk. Look in the spare tire well for it. It should attach to the bumper with screws in the package that go into two dimples in the bumper.

If you can’t find it in your trunk, have a friend where you moved from go to the dealer there and get you the parts. They get one with every car and don’t use them.

Go back to NAPA, and most likely they have a kit that has the backing plate and proper screws to attach it to the bumper and then screw in the plate. Match the backing plate to the dimples and see if they match up. Drill holes, install, move on.

Be bold, try and DO IT YOURSELF !! You can do it !

If none of the above work for you, try going to a GM dealership and getting a plastic plate holder that goes onto a 99 Cavalier. They work great and fit on most cars.

Attach using self tapping screws (might want to center punch and drill first)