Motor running sound from the rear of my car

i hear a sound coming from the back of my car on occasion that sounds like a small motor is running, what is it? The fuel pump?

yes if you hear it when you turn on the ignition.

Probably the fuel pump and if it’s that noisy then you need to consider replacing both the pump and filter before it quits on you.
Some info on the type of car, mileage, any other symptoms, etc. might help.

Does your car have a motorized rear radio antenna? I had a 1993 Oldsmobile 88 that had a radio antenna that was powered by a small motor–it would go up when I turned on the radio and retract when the radio was turned off. The first suspect would be the fuel pump, however.

Its a 94 Nissan Sentra. with 195000 miles on it. It only happens occasionally when I turn off the car. Now I have heard it when the car wasnt even running. Usually when I unlock the door to get in.