Olds Aurora bad start on cold mornings

Hello Boys,
So ya’ll know me and my 96 Oldsmobile Aurora, big V8 with the Cadillac Northstar motor.
When I fire up “The Beast” in the AM (only on cold mornings) it makes a very unpleasant sound coming from the rear of the car, not the fuel pump, and I’m concerned it won’t catch one day soon based on the ugly sound. I don’t know cars from the rear, not at all, I’m pretty good with electric, fuel, stuff like that but I don’t recognize the ugly sound it makes when I start it on cold mornings. Say below 40 degrees only? I should tell you when I turn on the ignition and the fuel pump kicks in, it is much louder than it was before, and it doesn’t “calm down” after the initial key turn, it sounds like a motor that’s working too hard…
Thanks Fellas

ever change the fuel pump?

Sounds like it might be the air compressor for the air shocks and leveling system. Likely the bushings that isolate the pump from the car have failed. Assuming, of course, that you have one.

No Cavell, and that was my first suspicion too, I don’t even think I’ve replaced the fuel filter. Can I try the filter first? If the pump was really toast, I don’t think it would run as well as it is…but the fact that it’s running so loudly and doesn’t stop once it’s primed from turning the ignition to the on position is a concern

not sure if the aurora has leveling shocks. my sts did not.

Mustangman, this may also well be an issue, yes. I looked at the rear when it was on a rack at my friends shop this week and it’s not pretty back there, I haven’t done my own shocks/struts
since the 80’s but I know what worn suspension components look like, and this car has them.
Unfortunately I have more pressing expenses with a bad water pump I’m having replaced Monday, next will be valve cover gaskets and a bunch of electrical problems…
Thanks for the observation, definitely correct on the rear suspension.

I took it to one of my best friends who owns a Tuneup Masters (I know, most are glorified tuneup and oil, but he’s a certified master mechanic, dad gave him his 2nd shop) and the pump sound is not the fuel pump, it is in fact the rear suspension, it’s leaking so the pump never stops running with key engaged. You guys were right as usual…

you were right, one of my BFF’s owns a tuneup masters and he tossed it on a rack, it’s the rear suspension trying to “fill the air” for the struts or whatever my rear end uses, and it’s got a leak so the motor never quits trying to fill it.

I worked for the company that made the system. Pretty common problem as they age.