3.8 02 Impala. Possible fuel pump problems?

So it seems just today I started hearing a loud hissing/whining towards the rear of my car (thought it was a punctured tire at first). I’m pretty sure it’s something with the fuel pump as I can also hear it when the key is in the “on” position and the engine is still off. Anyways can anyone maybe have a clue on what this could be? I’m hoping it’s just a bad fuel filter as I’m not sure when it was last replaced and it might be making the pump work harder? I’m not entirely sure but any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.s. Not sure if this helps but car still seems to running fine on the road for now leading me to believe it’s still getting enough fuel.

See an independant mechanic since we cannot test the car over the internet. You wil probably get tons of guesses on this but take my advice, see a mechanic.

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Have someone listen at the fuel filler neck with the cap off when you turn the key on. Offhand it does sound like a fuel pump.
For what it’s worth, a pump can be noisy and still provide enough fuel to allow the engine to run fine. For now. At some point it will die in the most inopportune spot. And you are correct, a partially clogged fuel filter can make a pump work harder and do it in sooner than normal. It’s 19 years old so it’s due.

Matter of fact, fuel pump on my GMC Sonoma is on this week’s agenda. Went to town on Friday with no issues and a no-start at the last stop on the way out of town. I assumed the pump died and sure enough that is the now known problem I have to tackle. The AAA policy just paid for itself and then some…

Does the noise last longer than a couple of seconds when the ignition is turned to on without stating the engine?

If so, it’s not the fuel pump.


Yeah you make a good point. It’s odd though because today I haven’t noticed the sound anymore. Anyways, I’ll still probably pick up a new pump very soon.

Yeah no it definitely only lasts a couple seconds.