Honda Odyssey engine mounts

I have a 2001 Odyssey with 80K miles. Honda recently replaced the transmission under an extended warranty issue. I am now told that the engine mounts are bad and need to be replaced at a cost of about $1K. What causes engine mounts to go bad?

Is this an issue of faulty parts, damage during the transmission replacement, or extremely bad luck? I feel like I’m the victim of a scam.

$1,000. to replace the motor mounts??

If you were really quoted a price like that, then you need to go to an independent mechanic, have him confirm whether the mounts are bad, and get a price quote from him. The price should be substantially lower than what you were quoted.

a quicl look at the advance auto site shows that most of the mounts are not available in the aftermarket. this means using geuine oem honda mounts and some of these can be pricy. add in a hefty labor bill since some mounts are difficult to change and it could easily hit a grand.

mounts are made of rubber and can fail at anytime. if one mount fails and is ignored/not noticed other mounts may fail due to the increased load placed upon them.

now, what are the vehicle symptoms and what are the reasons given for replacing them? hairline, dry rot rubber cracking is not enough of a reason imho.
if all of the mounts are bad you should be experiencing some vibration, thumping when revving the engine, shifting into gear, etc.