Motor Mounts and timing chain

How much should replacing motor mounts on a 2003 Honda Odyssey in NYC cost. I got a quote of $700.00. Is it important to change the timing chain every 100,000 miles? I have changed it at 100,000 miles now the car has 205,000 and it was recommened I should have the job done for $1,000.00.

All four mounts? I’d expect the mounts to cost about $350 for the parts, and about 4 hours labor. $700 seems very reasonable for this.

I think you may have a timing belt, not a chain. What does your owner’s manual say about the service interval? On newer cars like yours usually they are about 100K/7 years. Go by what the owner’s manual says. Sometimes you have to adjust the interval for the type of driving you do too. $1000 for just the belt seems a tad high. The belt itself is about $50 probably, and about 4 hours labor to replace maybe a little less, a little more. But I think they are probably recommending to replace the water pump and some idler pulleys and some cam seals too, so $1000 is reasonable for all that I think.

good for you. you are getting lots of use of your van and join the rare club who gets to change their belt twice. are you planning on doing it 3 times? at 300k? at least you are not in the club that gets to change their motor after timing belt breaks from no service efforts.