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Honda timing belt

My Owner’s Manual says my 2003 Odyssey van timing belt should be replaced at 108,000 miles or 84 months (7 years). I live in Southern California and the car has always been in a garage. The mileage is 55,000. Do I really need a new timing belt?


The timing belt material has aged and deteriorated

If it snaps, you’ll be paying around $4,000 to replace your engine (not to mention that you might have an accident when you lose all power in the middle of the freeway). You’re already four years overdue. If you want to press your luck even further, it’s your money and safety at risk here, not mine.

Yes. It’s a bit late tonight, but tomorrow is a good time. Maybe Monday if you have the dealer do it.

Even in a garage your belt is being attacked by the oxygen and ozone in the air.

You have a 55000 mile long garage?

Thank you all. This was my first question and I’m impressed with the feedback. I appreciate that the answers are honest (hopefully) because they aren’t from someone trying to sell me a new belt which was all I got locally. I wanted guidance before taking it on a 12-hour trip. I will get it replaced. It has been a good vehicle but too much road noise. You made me smile, “oldtimer11” !

While it’s not always done, this job should consist of a complete timing kit rather than just the belt. A kit means that belt tensioners, water pump, etc is part of it.

It does no good to replace a belt only just to have a water pump or tensioner give up a month or so later and break the new belt which then leads to a trashed engine.

Belt kit also comes with new seals.

Yes, on Honda motors when a belt breaks the pistons hit the valves and lock up the motor. The damage is bent valves, broken pistons, and new head(s). That why you either pay about $3,000 for a repair, or simply get another motor from a salvage yard.

The car is way overdue for a new belt, so your choice is pay for a replacement belt job or trade the car in soon. Honda dealers do so many of these they sometimes have competitive prices, but most independent shops do the job also. I think you are looking at about $800 in most areas.