Replace timing chain?

Honda service dept. tells me it’s time to replace timing chain. I have 85K miles. Also, this '01 model had trouble with transmission, so American Honda replaced transmission with a rebuilt transmission. However, I’m leery of how long this transmission will last and therefore if it’s worth timing chain work for about $1000.

Do you mean timing BELT??

Timing chains don’t need replacing until they start making noise…usually past the 250k mile mark. Timing belts should be replaced as part of normal maintenance…which is usually around the 100k mile mark.

How old is your Honda??? Honda engines are interference engines. So if the belt breaks then it’ll cost you several thousand dollars to fix it. Check your owners manual for the timing belt interval (if you have one).

As for the $1000…That is awfully high to replace a timing belt. Find a good independent mechanic…they should be able to the timing belt and water pump for less then half thaat.

The service interval for timing belt replacement on your vehicle is 105,000 miles or 84 months. You’re past due for replacement by age.


Get a 2nd estimate from an independent shop it should be significantly less expensive. You will do a few thousand dollars of damage to your engine if you ignore and it snaps. Also if it snaps you will have to be towed.

Agree, a typical cost from an idependent shop should be abut $500-$600. But get it done since you are overdue.

The tag is for an Odyssey minivan. So, with the cramming they did putting the engine in, I can kinda see the price being that high. Simply due to the amount of labor involved in accessing the engine chain(or belt)