✅ Most reliable and worst Ford and Chevy MOTORS and TRANSMISSIONS?

Maybe you can find an inexpensive Class C motor home and fix the interior up the way you want.

Sounds like you already have your truck picked out.

I was going to recommend a Ford V-10 but you don’t want a Triton engine. My next suggestion would be a Chevy 6.0. If you love the 350 that’s fine but anything with that engine is nearing antique status.

Heat is what kills transmissions so make sure whatever you buy has an aux trans cooler and has had regular fluid services.

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If you want reliability in a box truck, find a Ford with a 460 and C6. or a GM with a 350/454 and a TH400/3L80. Fuel economy will be terrible, single digit. But reliability will be stellar. Of course the odds of finding one in condition or with mileage a reasonable person would consider is slim to none.

Realistically, you’d probably find a newer truck with either the 6.8L and a 6R140 or a LS-based 6.0/6.2L and a 6L90. The 3 valve Ford 6.8L’s were more reliable than the 5.4L. as it didn’t have VCT.

And despite what you think, you’re probably going to want dual rear wheel truck. @Mustangman makes a good point. With just two 25 gallon water tanks (fresh and black), that’s around 300 pounds if you include the weight of the tanks. There’s a reason why virtually all these box van builds you see are duallies. I can’t imagine a reason why you wouldn’t want a dually for this kind of project, there’s virtually no downside and the selection is much better. If you were cabinetmaker, then you’d know that quality stuff typically isn’t lightweight.

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