Best used truck (year/model) for around 20k?

I don’t care if it’s mid or full size. I’m just looking for something very reliable, easy to work on, and can tow a small to medium trailer if needed.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

They are all pretty good. 2wd models have less to go wrong and cost less. 6 cylinder models cost less because most want V8s.

The best one is the best cared for, best maintained one you can negotiate a deal on for less than 20k with the features that you want and need.

Have any truck you might want inspected by your mechanic before you buy it.

How big (heavy) is a ‘medium trailer’? That might make me lean towards a full size 2WD V8 model.

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The trailer I plant on getting weighs about a thousand pounds and can carry about 3500lbs I believe.

I know longevity is highly dependent on how the previous owner took care of it, but generally speaking there has to be some trucks over the years that are just build better right?

I doubt if that can be said for every truck of any brand of any year . You are looking at used so the common reply is ( have it inspected by a shop and hope for the best ).

What if you find a nice xxxx year truck of a certain brand and some one says to avoid it but it has been good and serviced properly then you will have missed a possible good truck.

What kind of mileage should I aim for? A majority I’m seeing are between 120-140k. I’ve never had a truck so I have no idea how long they last assuming most owners don’t really take immaculate care of them.

Very true. The used truck market is so big I wanted to narrow it if at all possible. Thanks for the replies!

As low as $20K will buy you. A well maintained truck will go 200K, 300K and even 400K miles depending on how it is used and maintained. There are no hard and fast rules here.

The exception to this is an old truck with really low miles. No vehicle does well just sitting around and people that own these don’t think they need to change oil, coolant and brake fluid because they aren’t putting any miles on them. This causes a lot of problems down the road so avoid that 30K mile 1998 Ford F150 or 15K mile 04 Chevy.


Ok! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help!

The best way to get an idea of what is available at what prices is to use one (or all) the used car search engines on the internet…, Autotrader, Truecar, Carmax

All these allow searches with filters for body style, price range, mileage, features, lots of stuff. Helps narrow down your search very quickly.

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Gotcha, I’ll get to it then

2014 Silverado, 145k.

There’s quit a few 2013-14 gmc/Chevy around that mileage. I wish I could get them a little lower than that for money.

What do you think about 2013 ram 1500’s? I’ve heard good things about that year specifically

I’ll sell my 1995 Mazda B2300 with 150K miles, and give you a discount: $19,500.

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