First truck

looking for a truck i was thinking a diesel but they are pretty expensive, im looking full size truck and used.

What are you hauling that you need a diesel???

First figure out what your needs are then buy accordingly. There’s a huge range of trucks out there.

Don’t worry about brand or model-- unless you’re talking about the diesels, there’s really no meaningful difference in capability, reliablity, longevity, etc between domestic full-size trucks. If you just need a truck to haul stuff around in, you will be able to get a 2wd 1/2 ton truck with a six-cylinder for pretty stinkin’ cheap.

Thing of it is, some V8 trucks can get slightly better fuel economy than their v6 counterparts. My uncle bought a new Silverado v6 extended cab, then later traded in for a GMC v8 ext. cab. He mentioned he was getting better fuel economy in the GMC than the Silverado

Yep, yet another reason why the six-cylinder trucks are dirt cheap.