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Winter driving -- to laugh or to cry?

Check out this video of cars trying to negotiate an icy intersection:



Oops. The link takes you to the wrong video. Please disregard.

I figured you were deliberately playing a joke on us. In that context, it was pretty funny.

Lots of 'em born every day.

I found the video Steve, but it took a bit of scrolling and maybe dumb luck?

You meant the one that ends with the fire truck blocking the intersection?

Yeah, that’s the one!

Can you find it again and post the link?

Here it is

I found it on youtube too. It appears to have been shot in Portland, OR.

King 5 is in Seattle but same difference.

Intersting how those folks just stand out in the street while 4000 pounds of steel comes sliding their way. Word of caution folks, if you must get out of your car, stand far away from it and not in the street. Some years ago it was very very icy going into Minneapolis on the freeway. Three lanes plus shoulders. Cars blocking the right lanes, and a car had slid onto the left shoulder. I had a little bit of a single lane to manuever through and no way to stop. Just as I was going through, the idiot lady on the left opened her passenger door into the roadway. Don’t know how yet I did it but I missed her door and her and made it through. Don’t know what the heck she was thinking but probably why she was wedged up against the concrete divider.

Looks like one of them in particular was asking for it; the SUV about the .50 mark. Gets rolling again and looks to be going way too fast for the conditions.

I also don’t understand those people standing around in the open with all of those hunks of iron sliding around. That kind of reminds me of those foreign rally car races where you see people standing alongside of and on the outer edge of curves with race cars whizzing by them at 100 MPH on a dirt track.