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How not to drive in the winter

Too funny:

Hope they don’t move to my area !

cool physics lesson

UNBELIEVABLE, that first van was crazy, don’t dare take your foot off the gas, you might get stuck?

Somebody’s insurance just went up

I didn’t know that Portland was in suburban DC!

Seriously, those folks should have known pretty fast that the snow was on a layer of ice. When I encounter conditions like that, I go home. Actually, if we had roads that bad, I couldn’t even get out of my driveway. Probably a good thing.

That looks like what happens when people drive on ice with so-called “all season” tires.

The video should have some Benny Hill music playing as we watch the crashes.

I was thinking more along the lines of the kachinking sounds of a pinball machine with a giant flashing “TILT!!!” at the end of the video

I wonder if this is staged, I mean what idiot keeps hitting the gas in reverse after hitting a car. Conspiracy theory, stolen car, buddy with camera, funny footage, crash smash ditch.

If the video involved just one vehicle, I might agree with you.
However, the video showed multiple vehicles sliding on a very slick surface after their drivers did things that were…not wise.
Did you view the entire video?

It’s too funny as long as my cars aren’t involved !