More questions on 1995 olds

When I try to start the car, the gas guage needle travels far to the left of the full mark; what does this indicate electrically?

Also, the radiator is now empty, though I’ve seen no leaks and the car hasn’t run for three weeks. Where did the fluid go?

#1 Either the tank is overfilled, the level sensor is faulty, the gauge voltage regulator is stuck closed, or the sensor wire is grounded. Time to troubleshoot.

#2 Check to see if the crankcase oil level is up above the full line. Look for signs of leaking at the hoses. See if you can spot the weep hole of the water pump to see signs of leaking. Fill the cooling system with water pressurize the system with a cooling system tester and look for leaks.

Get back to us with additional information.

Some cars are programmed to max the needles upon start up. Mine is. Apparently this is supposed to make you feel like you’re driving a race car or something. Before you assume it’s abnormal, check your owner’s manual.

Ditto to Researcher’s comments.

the oil level is at/above full…which is more than it had in it before. when replacing the starter, i had to jack the engine up about an inch. i did hear a clunk while doing this. did i break something?

Thanks for the info. Here is the latest developement: Radiator was losing fluid; oil dipstick indicated over full, light color and decreased viscosity. Then I noticed light-colored drips coming off the oil filter. Previously, when I jacked up the motor to access the starter I heard a ‘krunk’ sound; could I have cracked the block, and is this why the motor won’t crank? Is there an easy fix for this by a rank amateur ‘shade tree’(literally)mechanic? I’m in dire need of transportation!