1995 olds delta 88 3800 v6 auto

car will run and die, sometimes it will have to be started 3 to 5 times in the yard to keep running sometimes it will start and go 10 miles. I have noted recently that if i jiggle the key it will keep running or so it seems. I have replaced the keys, sodered in a resistor at the bottom of the column so it continuously reads the correct resistance, replaced the ignition module, and lastly the ignition switch. The last two are used parts. Nothing has helped.
Not sure where to go? Broken wire into the computer?

Ur sure the ignition wire or whatever you are working on is the issue? U seem pretty confident your on the right track?

Has Or Was The “Check Engine Light” Illuminated ? The Car Could Be Holding Diagnostic Trouble Code Clues.

Although this car has original OBD (OnBoard Diagnostics) and not OBD2, as newer units have, it is often fairly easy for the DIYer to retrieve DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble codes) if they are recorded, with no tools/equipment purchase required.

Was the CEL on and have you tried this approach ?


Does the engine fail to run for lack of spark, lack of fuel pressure, lack of injector signal or some combination? You need to isolate the cause.

And while you’re at it make sure your battery is fully charged and the alternator is good.

My grand prix kept dying. I isolated it to bad maf. Unplug it next time car dies. See if it helps.

I just took my 1997 Olds Eighty-eight in for a similar problem. My car runs beautifully but has a mysterious stalling problem. I can drive a few miles and the car will just shut down while driving. Sometimes it will fire up right after stalling and other times i have to wait for hours before it will start again. I replaced the ignition control module and the problem persisted. Just yesterday I had the fuel pump replaced and new lines put in. I brought the car home yesterday and it ran fine but last night it would not start. I have heard people talk about a crank sensor maybe being the problem. I am sick of this guessing game. It is costing me a fortune. It’s a great car…when it is running. Only 89,000 miles!

borrowed a fuel pressure tester, it was below 40 when it would not start but after recycling the key it went to 45and run fine. I left the tester on and let it idle then when it died looked again ant it was at less than 40 again. So I figured go after the fuel filter. The weather last week had -45 windshields so i parked the car then on Saturday when the weather warmed ( I have more than one car) I changed the filter. Of course the line was so corroded it broke so I had to repair that. I have not driven the car but it has started each time so far compared to not starting each time. Maybe tonight I will see. If it is the filter only I will be lucky but expect the pump…
thank you

I now think that the fuel pump is the issue…

have the car on the ramps first chance I get I will pull the tank…hate it as in Minnesota there is tons of rust and if I don’t break a line or a bolt in the process i will be lucky. Salt in the winter is really hard on cars!