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1995 Oldsmobile Delta 88 - Driving me insane!

I have a 1995 Olds Delta 88 which has a problem. It will not start. It will fire up for about 1-2 seconds, then die.

Here are the things I’ve checked.

1. Changed the fuel, added fuel injector cleaner, and replaced the fuel filter.

2. Tested the fuel pressure.

3. Installed a new battery(needed it anyways).

4. Replaced the coils. Friend said it had to be those.

5. Checked all fluid levels, incase there’s some type of low level kill switch.

6. Cleaned the mass air sensor.

7. Checked for vacuum leaks.

8. Changed air filter.

It quit running about a month ago. I tried starting it several times but it would only start for 1-2 seconds then die out- until a few days ago, when it started up and ran (two days straight). I let it run on the second day for about 30 minutes. Then yesterday it was back to the same thing. Starts up for about 1-2 seconds then dies out.

Does anybody know what It could be?

BTW, it only has about 67,000 miles on it.

Any and all help is appreciated.

You certainly covered most of the bases but you skipped a couple of big ones. The ignition control module can be very tempermental and very intermittent at times. If the catalytic converter clogs up it can keep the engine from running. Have the cat checked and if it’s ok then install a new ignition control module.

I replaced the ignition control module with the coils, sorry I forgot that.
I haven’t checked the converter though. Someone also mentioned that it could be the actual ignition switch, not reading the key(has chip in it for security), or has a short in the wiring.
BTW, it has a 3.8 efi engine w/ automatic trans.

Well you can either keep throwing parts at it until you find out its the computer, etc. or tow it to someone for a $100 diagnosis. You cleaned the MAF but in my experience, if it sounds like a fuel starvation problem and your pressure is good, it could well be the MAF needs to be replaced not cleaned. It sure could be the computer though, ignition switch, cam sensor, crank sensor, or wiring problem to one of the sensors.

The “Theft Deterent Module” (behind the glovebox and up high) is the culprit. It stops fuel after about 2 seconds if it can’t read your key resistor. On my car, I built a 50 Hz 50% duty cycle square-wave-generator to replicate the signal the TDM is supposed to send to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The starter enable connection has to be grounded by the TDM, too, so I jumpered it. I found this info online and still have the schematic if you need it.