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More NPR staff shakeup!

From several news sources:

Pat McCann, longtime Sexual Harassment Intervention Counselor at NPR’s Car Talk was forced into retirement after numerous women came forward with various allegations. “How could someone with a name like that ever have been hired in the first place?” one woman complained. Also let go was Mr. McCann’s longtime assistant Manny Bumsfeldt. Mr. McCann has been replaced by former Car Talk employee and noted sexual harassment expert Natasha Diaz.

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Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe have been notified.


Oh the long tentacles of the Hollyweed crowd. Do as I say not as I do. But you know we’re not stupid enough here to take you serious.

Not quite sure what to make of this last comment. Either someone for whom the CT closing credits are completely over their head or this is some kind of Russian troll-bot programmed to mindlessly insert right wing talking points on all NPR-sexual harassment related postings.

At least NPR did the right thing and fired him. Fox on the other hand doesn’t do anything until years after and sponsors start leaving. How many complaints against OReilly before he finally was let go. Even after several allegations came out he got a raise.

Mike, the OP was making a silly joke which really was not all that funny.

Comrade Bing

I agree it wasn’t funny (trust me, I’ve laughed all my life and more with CarTalk) :wink:

The OP has been around for all of 3 days and might have been out to be offensive and crude rather than be silly.

My sincere apologies - didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Rather than apologies, you might want to just explain where the heck your comment on Russian bots inserting right wing comments came from? Huh? We’ve tried to keep politics out of this place because it drives some nuts. Then because you don’t get any laughs on your original post, you come up with some political drivel. Got any car questions?


I just didn’t understand your response to my original post. It seemed to take a swipe at some supposed “hollyweed” crowd - I certainly didn’t think my original post was political in the least. But happy to restrict any future comments to the finer points of cars and car repair.

You may not have noticed but sexual harassment and its connection to politics has been hot and heavy in the news lately.

+1 to Bing’s observation. It’s not a great time for sexual harassment jokes, even of a punny nature. I️ knew where you were going with the comment, so I️ didn’t moderate it out. Let’s try to keep it car related. Political comments get a bit too heated so we have a gentleman’s agreement of sorts to try to keep such mentions to a minimum.

Yes, even as a jokster I don’t find it funny, not today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

Would someone please explain WTF this to do with cars?


Well, it does have to do with The Show, since “Pat McCann” and “Natasha Diaz” are on Car Talk’s list of Official Staff Credits (along with Hans T. Joseph, Sexual Harassment Trainer, Frankfurt Office).


Were these 3 names ever mentioned on air?

If not, then maybe they have to do with rather than the program.

I have no idea…there are over 600 credits on the list…

Edit: Since there were over 1000 episodes since they went national in 1986, I’m guessing that yes, they were used on the air.


There is nothing car-related about this discussion, which is why I can’t understand why you’re allowing it to continue.

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I don’t recognize them and have a different guess – that many were made up and added to the website and not necessarily used on the show.

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