Compilation of “And Even Though... This is NPR”

I laugh so hard every time I hear the “And Even Though… this is NPR”. I’d buy a compilation of all of those wonderful, self-deprecating statements.

For example, “And even though Chimpanzees say ‘no way we share 96% of our genetic code with those two’ whenever they hear us say it: This is NPR”.

Or, “And even though 2 villages exclaim, ‘we’ve found our missing idiots’ whenever they hear us say it: This is NPR”.

Anybody else interested?

Sure. Give us a link

How about their staff credits

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Lots of laughs and memories reading through those! :rofl:

I’ve been meaning to post here for several weeks. They didn’t end the show this way before the shows that were put on the site a few months ago, but they are now.

Bill Clinton is President.

Dewey, Cheatham and Howe still hangin’ out their shingle?