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More NPR staff shakeup!

Thanks. I previously found that page, which is why I suggested that maybe there are names that have to do with rather than the radio show.

I️ let it go because it was show-related with the punny credits as mentioned. Forgive me. I️ misspoke. Not particularly car-related. Did I️ find it funny? Nope. But I️ think that if you all find it inappropriate, you should flag it as such and I️ will deal with it. There’s a gray area of things that don’t blatantly break the community guidelines that I️ would defer to the wisdom of the crowd. Mostly I️ try to keep my personal tastes out of this.

This is the Car Talk website and this is the Car Talk Community Forum. I ended up here because, in addition to a lot of mechanical and historic knowledge, there’s an appreciation of the Magliossi sense of humor. And so I found the original post fine, and the commentary typical in its contentious haggling about minutia. For those who are offended, stop reading it.

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It’s not required to be car-related in the The Show forum. It’s required to be related to the show.

I didn’t find it funny either, but I also understand that sometimes you try humor and you end up falling flat. Comedians do that too - they go to backwater clubs to try out new jokes. A lot of them don’t get laughs. The ones that do end up in the real act. So I don’t really hold it against OP that he wasn’t funny.

I do not support the concept of sexual favors for promotion, I remember hearing about the casting couch, it was SOP way back when, and does not appear to have changed much.

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I assume y’all know what prompted OP’s post (I think):

I heard that story driving to work one morning. Or in the case of David Greene, one night. He seems to broadcast from LA these days. He starts broadcasting at 3am Pacific and must be there for at least an hour before that.