Goodbye Car Talk

I have loved car talk for years beyond my memory. Each week I would, perhaps foolishly, look forward to the banter and sometimes helpful advice. However, because of the recent firing of Lisa Simeone and the dropping of World of Opera from NPR for exercising her constitutional right to petition the government, I can no longer listen or contribute to NPR in good conscience. It is odd that she is fired for protesting, while Cokie Roberts makes thousands speaking to business groups, and Mara Liasson appears on sunday talk shows. I realize NPR has the right to operate in this way, but I also can simply turn it off and no longer contribute a dime.

I really wanted to say thanks to car talk for all the memories and laughter. And even though Cokie Roberts drops a jewel-encrusted tiara everytime they hear you say it, I won’t.

If you continue to listen but do not contribute funds, then you are really sticking it to the Man!

I Can’t Listen, Anyhow. I Listened For Years And Then My Station Dropped The Show Complaining It Was Too Expensive And Blamed Everybody Who Listened For Not Contributing Enough.

Sad, really. In a way I’m glad it’s off my radio. I got sick of hearing the guys who aired the show and moan about it all the time. The fund raiser things drove me crazy, too.

Put the show on or don’t put it on, but quit the belly-aching. Thanks. I feel better, now.


@arjunasbow: So you were okay with Juan Williams being fired?

@littlemouse : yes - if Lisa Simeone had made bigoted statements about muslims or any other group, as Juan did, I would have supported her firing.

That’s the trouble. Why let the politics interfere ? I’m not a fan of FOX politics…am I going to boycott a world series game ? No. Believe me, it’s your loss, not theirs.

Some of your tax dollars are still going to go to NPR and their high executive salaries.

You can always listed to the show via this web site.

Off topic, but I went to High School with Juan Williams. I knew him really well. He was a really militant black guy back then. Real nice guy, though. Oh well, now you know.

I don’t listen.
I don’t contribute.

But I love coming here to chat with youall.

I can’t listen.
I won’t contribute.

But I’m glad Ken comes here to chat.

You can listen to the show via the website if you can’t get or don’t support an NPR station.

It Doesn’t Work With My Dial-Up Connection.

CSA…you need to come into the 21st century.

It may not have anything to do with CSA. He probably can’t get anything else (except maybe that Hughesnet garbage). In a classic case of corporate abuse of the public trust massive tax breaks were given to comm companies back in the 90s/00s for investment into our info tech infrastructure. The money never went there, but I’m sure many a CEO had a new private jet. We have worse internet service overall than most of the industrialized world. So there are plenty of places where you still can’t get anything but dial up.

Why would the state allow that to happen? Well, anytime the state tries to get these actors to follow through they (or their well paid political agents) stand in front of a camera and whine about the big bad government regulating them.

Since I have moved to the outskirts of LA in CA I do not have reception for the NPR stations. I could listen on-line,but then I used to listen when running errands on the weekends. The funny thing is they have ads on our bus stops for their station. I haven’t had the time to e-mail them to let them know, not to waste ad money where there is no reception anyway.

@galant: you could listen on a smartphone. That’s an expense I choose not to incur, but it’s an option.

CSA: the common sense answer would be to get satellite internet, if you really can’t stream audio over a dialup connection. Another expense I choose not to incur.

@arjunasbow: So you agree with me that Jesse Jackson is racist against black people and you would not support NPR paying him any money?

“I hate to admit it, but I have reached a stage in my life that if I am walking down a dark street late at night and I see that the person behind me is white, I subconsciously feel relieved.” - Rev J. Jackson

Hey cigroller I have Hughes Net and it works fine. I can listen to Car Talk no problems. I will agree with you we do have the worst internet service here in the USA. When satellite can beat cable in some areas and DSL rules over cable and sat in others. I have so called AT&T 3G in my area and it sucks. If I go to other areas it works fine.

Don’t get me wrong I love the USA. But this PC crap and the way this country is being run. I think were all in trouble.

Just so you guys know. I had to get out of body work for my health. I now am adjuster. I also installed Hughes Net and WildBlue. I did it between adjuster jobs. I had to give it up because it don’t pay to do it anymore,thanks to the government. Hughes took money from the government to help get the internet to rural areas. I made $125 per install. I could sell the customer a pole, router or wallfish. This is were you make your money.
After the Gov got involved we can no longer do this. If I stayed doing it I would have lost about 15k or more a year. I know its off topic but thanks for letting me vent.

Hey littlemouse, sounds good - he should also be fired from NPR.

Though not technically an employee of NPR, It is not right that she was cut for being present at an occupy rally. I always thought NPR was supportive of free speech, but this proves they are not. Would they can anyone for attending a tea party rally?

I listen on my iPad. There’s even an app just for Car Talk. And I contribute to WQXR because we like classical music. WQXR doesn’t carry Car Talk, BTW.